Magnifi mini+ volume vs. TV volume

Hooked-up the soundbar to the TV. Without the soundbar, have the TV volume around 10 which is loud enough. With the soundbar, I have to turn the TV up to 66-70 to hear it. Problem is, when I turn the TV on, the volume of the TV speaker blasts the house and shakes the walls before the soundbar kicks in. Have to remember every night to turn the volume to 0 on the soundbar, otherwise I'll get knocked out of my slippers in the morning! Is there any way to synch the volume level of the TV & soundbar?


  • LeeSoFLLeeSoFL Posts: 77
    edited January 2018
    Turn the speakers off on your television, then output to soundbar is line level, (fixed setting vs variable.)

    Then the TV speakers shouldn't come on when it's making the switch to soundbar (external audio.) If the speakers still come on, lower the TV volume to anything you want, it will not affect the line level audio going to the soundbar.
  • keelerkeeler Posts: 2
    Thank you LeeSoFL! It's working properly now
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