New magnifi mini sound bar Dolby content green light not working when viewing blu Ray dvd

New magnifi mini sound bar Dolby content green light does not turn green when blu Ray dvd is played with content. However, it does come on when a regular dvd is played. Sound bar is connected to Sony Bravia 4K tv through hdmi arc connection. Bravia sync (CEC) is enabled. What do I need to do? Is unit defective? I would hate to return it if I can get it to work. Hope there is an answer!


  • Hello @ladyking49, if the Bar is using Dolby on a regular DVD and not using Dolby on a Bluray then it is not a problem with the bar but most likely a setting issue within the Bluray player or in the menu settings on the Bluray.
  • Thanks Ken. That is good to know. I have gone into sony bluray settings and tried adjusting everything I know to do with no change. I will next try switching to another bluray model player I have. Do you know if there is a problem with sony bluray players and the magnifi mini?
  • Did you figure it out. I am having a similar issue. When I play a DVD that only has a 7.1 soundtrack it will not play it as Dolby Digital. It should down convert it. The green light will not come on. I also have had issues that during playback the green light will go off and I have to power off and on to get it back. I am using ARC as my connection.
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