Gustard X20U DAC

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Anyone have any thoughts or personal experiences with this DAC? Potentially looking for a DAC for my PC.


Price: $860
Dual ESS Technology Sabre Reference 32bit ES9028PRO
SNR:129db,distortion rate -120db
Automatic adaptation master clock technology and Asynchronous master clock technology
XMOS 32bit USB receiver chip
CPLD programmable logic device
Three files gain,volume can be adjusted.Attenuation adjustable from 0 to -99DB.
TFT LCD screen
Power supply with two 50W O-type transformers,Digital and Analog independent power supply,and use Discrete Components regulation Voltage stabilization.
Full balance Discrete components Analog Line.Balance / RCA output simultaneously.
Digital Input:balanced Spdif AES/EBU port,RCA,Toslink Optical input and USB,(Key switch)
Extensive digital filtering


"Electronic music is human sound adapting to indulge technology, and for some, it feels like the signature sound of energy. New and abstract sounds over hypnotic rhythms can conjure vast soundscapes for escape, pleasure, and transcendence."
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