analog sound

everything has been working fine except for the occasional unplug to return sound. now my analog connection isnt working. i've tried everything i can think of to fix it an nothing works. i'm wondering if somehow it has lost the analog programing? the remote does switch to analog and the lights show increase volume when the buttons are pressed


  • yes i did forget that. its a dsb1, dsb2 and dsb3
  • MarflyMarfly Posts: 61
    Have you tried doing an "analog search" ?
  • ok guess i still need to share more info. the sound bar is connected to dish via optical, that works fine the analog is connected to a sony bravia by the 1/4 inch plug from the tv to the sound bar. that is the part that isnt working. thats the connection that provides sound to any game machine thats connected. it just stopped working. no changes to wiring.
  • Analog search? dont know how that would be possible
  • Ya thanks
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