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I just got the Polk MagniFi Mini subwoofer, and I noted a constant rumble from the subwoofer, when the TV is on, and the volume is low. It's like the subwoofer can't really handle the low volume and therefore gives a constant rumble, as if the subwoofer is broken or something.

I've tried to turn down the bass to see if that helped, but with no success. There's still that low rumble when people are talking in the movie/TV show and stuff like that.. a bit annoying, since the sound in general is great!


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    What is providing the source? Cable/satellite dish? Downloading? If so what device?
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  • I'm watching Netflix on a brand new 2017 LG TV, with cabled fiber Internet (so no WiFi connection). :) It doesn't matter if it's Family Guy in Full HD, or any other movie in 4K UHD... As soon as the content is running on the TV, in a volume level that is not EXTREMELY LOUD, then I can hear that constant rumble from the subwoofer, as if it recieves a "bass signal" but just barely enough to trigger the speaker unit, so it just turns into a rumble!

    I'm using HDMI ARC between the TV and speaker-unit! Also tried with that Digital Fiber optics output. No difference.
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    Okay, thanks for the info. As a test can you try connecting an RCA type cable from the audio output on the TV and the analogue input on the bar?
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  • I am having this exact same issue. I brought back the first unit and exchanged it, thinking there was a problem with the subwoofer. The second unit does the same thing. I’ve tried optical and ARC, though those wired connections are to the bar, not to the subwoofer. Either setup results in the same problem. I understand you wanting to test the RCA/analogue connection, but my guess is most people are buying this sound bar to get the best quality sound out of their system. As for me, unless there is a solid fix, I will be returning it.
  • I've tried everything. Moving the subwoofer around, with all different cables included and still the same.

    The sound quality is amazing, so it's really disappointing that the subwoofer has this annoying issue. Unfortunately, I cannot return mine anymore. Hopefully this is something that can be fixed with a software update in the future.

    Also, I've noticed some electrical noise from the subwoofer.. Sound like a small siren of noise coming from within the subwoofer. I guess it's the power supply inside, since it continues a bit after I unplug it, and then goes away when there is no power going into the unit.

    I can live with that though.. but the rumbling noise from the subwoofer is f...... annoying!
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    My reason for recommending the RCA cable connection was to provide a secure ground connection between the TV and the soundbar. Digital optical connections don't have a very good physical ground, it's all plastic.
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    The rumble can happen watching anything on cable/satellite TV. I experience it at times and it seems to be related to the broadcast signal and or the volume being too low. Did you try decreasing the bass from the remote? Don't notice it when playing DVD's or Netflix or when the volume is higher.
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    @heiney9 > It is correct that when I crank up the volume, so it is extremely loud, then there's no problems. I've tried to turn the bass all the way down! Didn't help! But... Aren't you supposed to be able to watch a movie (or TV in general) with a normal volume level, without the subwoofer sounding like it's about to drown?? I mean.. Even when the volume is very loud, it still makes that annoying rumbling sound whenever people are talking in the movie. Just the bass in their voice is "enough" to make it rumble!
  • kthomsen, I totally agree! Covering the problem with higher volume is not a solution. I returned my second unit and decided to pay more and go with Bose. I don’t regret it a bit!
  • @robbg62 I might try and do the same. It sucks!
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