Sound goes out of sync with my SB1+ and S2 speakers

My SB1+ and 2 S2 speakers are going out of sync with my TV. I have a Sony 65" and connected the TV using the digital light cable. If I leave the S2 speakers off, the soundbar and base will stay in-sync for a few hours, most of the time. If I have the S2 speakers running, than all goes out of sync. When people are talking, the mouth movement does not match the sound. If I turn on the TV speaker and have both SB1+ and TV speakers running, than there is an echo. If I turn off the SB1+, than the sound is correct. The SB1+, even without the S2 speakers connected, will still go out of sync, just not right away. The only way to correct, is to unplug the SB1+ for a minute and restart. Then it will be ok, for a while.
What up with this? Is this problem common?



  • Hi bob — were you able to solve the sync issue with using th SB2s with the SB1 while watching TV? I’ve been trying to find a brand that allows the rear wireless to stay in sync with the front. Sony has the same problem :(
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