Polk Magnifi Soundbar shuts down after 10 minutes

My Polk Magnifi soundbar has started to "act up" after 3 years. It shuts off after approximately 10 minutes. I then hit the power button on and then it is fine. That lasts for another 10 minutes and it shuts off again.....and so on...and so on. I have read this forem and see some people have the same problem but no one has any solutions. Also I see lots of questions in the forum but no one has any answers. Is this forum useless?


  • Okay....here is what I did: I turned the power off to my soundbar and subwoofer, then unplugged the power cords. I waited about 20 minutes and then plugged everything back in and turned on the sub and soundbar. It has been two days now and the unit seems to be working fine and it has not shut off on its own so...so far so good. What I have done is that known as a hard reset?
  • I have the same problem. I tried what you did tonight and so far so good. Thank you
  • I tried this and it only worked for two days and it started back up anything else???
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