Magnifi Mini Spotify cracking

I've had my magnifi mini for about a month now. Since day 1 I noticed that certain songs casted from Spotify have a strange cracking sound (perfect example is Exit Music for a Film by Radiohead). If I play through any other source i.e. Bluetooth/aux from my phone, I do not have the issue. Even casting from other music sources do not have this issue, ONLY casting from Spotify. It's extremely annoying and makes some songs sound absolutely horrible. Last week I received a replacement unit but still have this issue. Anyone have this problem on their unit? Again, I'd recommend Exit Music for a Film by Radiohead to test if your speaker has this issue. It's quite obvious once Thom starts singing.


  • nkawarnkawar Posts: 3
    Has anyone tried testing this? 3 months later and I still have the issue with both original and replacement units.
  • dasstrulsdasstruls Posts: 1
    Hey! I have the same problem on my soundbar. I've tried the same song as you, and it sound horrible. I sent my soundbar in for a replacement but got denied, and they said they didnt' hear the sound. Have you fixed your problem?
  • nkawarnkawar Posts: 3
    Unfortunately I have not. I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone else complain about this after almost a year. I've pretty much stopped casting music to the sound bar indefinitely which sucks as that was the main reason I bought it!

    Anyway, let me know if you find a way to fix it. I'm thinking of dumping this sound bar and likely not look at Polk again in the future.
  • LadsasLadsas Posts: 1
    Very frustrating! "Quality" sound bar does this crap sound issues. Mine is the same, only spotyfi making songs almost unlistenable with that harsh high frequency sound.
    The issue can be little bit solved by reducing audio quality on the app. But that defeats all purpose to buy premium sound system?
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