2018 Subaru Outback + Polk db692 + Polk db652

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Little late, did this a month or two ago. Just remembered while I was talking to Polk CS

The stock speakers sucked. Went through debating separates, etc, blah and finally said to myself "Ya know, it's a car, spend $150"

So I picked up the 6x9 db692's for the front doors and the db652 for the rear doors. Part of consideration was the sensitivity. The stock HU is maybe 12-13 RMS per channel, and the sensitivity on the 6x9 is listed as 93db

Overall I am pleasantly happy! Giant improvement sound quality wise over stock. Easily more volume level from the sensitivity. Sure I could use a little amp in there.

And shockingly there's so much bass on some tunes I'm probably going to need to remove the front door panels again and do some additional vibration dampening. That really blew my socks off. No it's not dual 18"ers in the back SPL, but for what little I spent it's a pleasant wow can't believe I'll need to do this.

If anyone is looking at upgrading stock speakers in a 2015-2019 Subaru Outback and doesn't want to go whole hog I would recommend this combination. You will need to pay attention to the 6x9's in front door and do some dampening.


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