Omni S2 Speakers: No Audio in Play-FI Surround

I just purchased two Omni S2 speakers to be used as surround speakers with my Definitive W Studio sound bar.

My TV is an LG OLED55B6P, and I use Dish. The sound bar is connected to the TV with an optical cable.

My routers is an Actiontec 1900A. In order to get the S2 speakers to be identified by the Play Fi app, I had to set them up using their IP address on my laptop.

The firmware is update to date on all of the speakers. I have updated the S2 speakers using the Polk utility app.

Dish is set to pass through Dolby and the TV sound is set to automatic, which will pass through the best sound available.

I am able to connect the speakers and play music using the Definitive Play Fi app.

Using the Definitive Play Fi app, I am able to configure W Studio sound bar as the front speaker and the two S2 speakers as the left and right surround speakers.

Using the Play Fi surround sound volume control, I am able to control the volume of the W studio front speaker when the TV is the input source.

However, I hear no sound from the S2 surround speakers. I have ensured that the TV program I am playing has surround sound.

I have tried all of the troubleshooting tips suggested by Play Fi…reconfiguring the Surround set up, restarting my Iphone, power cycling the speakers and router, etc.

Do you have any suggestions on what I should try now?

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