Bluetooth cutting in and out

We’ve had this sound bar with a sub and 2 smaller speakers (idk all the terminology) for about a month. Never had any issues. Today the Bluetooth to my phone is cutting in and out, it will play 3-7 seconds just fine and then cut out for EXACTLY 5 seconds and continuously do this the entire time.
I have deleted the sound bar from my Bluetooth in iPhone settings, restarted my phone, connected and disconnected from WiFi.
It’s annoying! It’s working 100% fine with my TV because it’s plugged into the TV. Just the Bluetooth is doing this. UGH HELP


  • shelbyn04shelbyn04 Posts: 1
    I am having this exact same issue. Did you every resolve it?
    Got a DBS1 soundbar from Dish network 2 weeks ago, the very day it was installed it started doing this. It worked great via bluetooth until the installer left. We've tried getting help from Dish but they say it's not their problem. It's my phone. I should contact Apple. Yeah...Pass the buck. Anyway, I'm hoping I can find a fix before I contact Polk about it.
  • swh013swh013 Posts: 1
    I don’t know if you have resolved your issue, but if so, maybe this will help someone else down the line. I had the same problem - six seconds of audio followed by four seconds of silence, repeat - and it ended up being the sub causing the issue. Unplug it and plug it back in, once the light on the back of the sub goes green it should start working normally. It did for me and I haven’t been this excited in a long time! I use the bar to listen to music and this is the best set up I have in the house.
  • lakegirl21lakegirl21 Posts: 2
    Unplugged my subwoofer, now the status light is only red
  • lakegirl21lakegirl21 Posts: 2
    I should say, unplugged, replugged it in, now it only shows red status light, not green.
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