Anthem MRX 720

Good morning everyone

I wanted to get your opinion. I am currently looking at an Anthem 720 to be my main amp ave for my rti-a9. Eventually I will get a powered amp for these but I thought the anthem is a good way to go. Any of you have any experience with this amp?

As an alternative for the next few months, I did find a PIONEER VSX-D1S for 80 bucks which I thought would be good for stereo mode but then realized go big or go home.



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    I really like Anthem equipment. I have a Anthem 225 integrated and really like it. I can't comment on that particular unit though.
    I would think that would be an awesome kit.
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    If you like the way Anthem sounds, their receivers are very nice and have that separate Anthem like sound quality. Good head room and very very nice.
    I suggest going as high as your wallet will allow. It's worth it.
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    Anthem's 720 is good but the 1120 is the end game IMHO...

    I have a MRX-500 for my 2 channel system and despite not having a HDMI board that works, you will have to pry it from my cold dead hands.....

    I've even debated replacing my Denon X4100 with a 720 myself, just cant afford to pay that much....
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    I replaced my Marantz SR 7008 for an Anthem MRX 720. Love the sound and ARC2 is the best room correction I've used so far.

    Can't comment on the inboard amp's for your 9's as I'm using external amp's for my fronts, but I would suggest you use external amp's with whatever AVR you end up with to power your 9's.
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