magnifi mini

Every now and then the wireless subwoofer crackles, as if the speaker is about to bust. Doesnt happen often, but its starting to become annoying.

Its brand new, just wondering if it might be the wireless signal between the subwoofer and main speaker unit.


  • I would make sure the subwoofer is not near a wireless router. That is usually the main cause of subwoofers crackling.

    If it is away from a router. Try to re-sync the woofer to the bar. Instructions are in the manual. If that does not work, then call our support team at 800-377-7655 Option 1
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    I have a similar issue - I hear a crackling/static sound from my MagniFi Mini. It is intermittent. I replaced my power strip. I have also tried optical and HDMI ARC. How close it too close for the subwoofer and wireless router?

    Thank you.
  • Follow up - I have tried unplugging potential sources of interference (wireless router, subwoofer, Harmony Hub) but I still cannot get rid of the intermittent crackle sound. Any advice? Thank you.
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    It would be best to contact Polk's CS department at 1-800-377-7655 select option 1 and have the unit's serial number handy.
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  • OK - thank you. I did change my cable box audio setting to "stereo" instead of "tv speakers". I will give this a day or two and see if the crackling goes away. I also tried toggling the TV's audio setting between "PCM" and "Bitstream". PCM - no crackle but no Dolby. Bitstream crackle. I am hoping the changing the setting on the cable box to "stereo" does the trick. I will keep you posted. (my MagniFi Mini is connected with HDMI ARC)

    Thank you
  • I continue to experience the intermittent crackling sound. When it is occurring, if I switch the sound settings on the TV to PCM the crackling sound goes away. When I switch back to "Bitstream" and Dolby Digital, the crackling returns. This happens regardless of source (e.g., Cable Box or Apple TV). Any suggestions? Thank you.
  • I contacted Polk Support. They sent a replacement unit. So far so good with the new unit. Thank you for the excellent support Polk!
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    My system when playing music via bluetooth sounds as if it broadcasting a signal from the other side... our another universe... it sounds as if there's competing signals trying to come through under the music. Any help, beside an exorcism? (Real question.)
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