SDA SRS 2 - Fully upgraded - Michigan



  • Ricardo
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    Back to the topic boys.....

    Nice speakers for sale here.
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  • Rex81
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    Thanks guys. I'm actually sorting through 4 different leads right now. Got a local guy coming in a few minutes. If he doesn't grab them, I'm calling ramair.

    Looks like these guys will be moving on to a new owner soon!
  • Rex81
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    I'm happy to report they just went to a local Polkie. I'll let him self identify if he so chooses.

    It's funny, they sat for a a few weeks without much interest and now I have to tell 3 people that they missed out. So it goes. I'm just glad they went to someone who can appreciate them.
  • sbb2112
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    I'm glad to keep another set of Polks operating. I have most of the pieces to put together a decent rig in my new office and was going to go with a bookshelf on a stand setup but I saw this and saw it was local. I initially thought they were a little big for the room but after listening to them in a similar size room, they will be just fine. Beautiful speakers. I'll report back on the setup when I get it hooked up. Thanks @Rex81
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    What are you moving on to?
    afterburnt wrote: »
    They didn't speak a word of English, they were from South Carolina.

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    Nightfall wrote: »
    What are you moving on to?

    I just finished a full restore on a set of Ohm Fs. They're the only speaker I've owned that I thought sounded better than the SRS 2.

    They're not perfect though. They don't have the pinpoint imaging of the SDAs, they're not as efficient, they're not as robust, and they're not as versatile. They don't like hard hitting music and they don't play loud. Oh, and if the cone gets damaged, it's irreplaceable. But man, get some acoustic or jazz music playing (my favorite) and they're simply incredible.

    But I still have a set of Monitor 7Bs for when I want to listen to something with more impact.