I need power and knowledge/ A9

Hey fellas, new as they come... I walked I to beat buy one afternoon back when I was on unemployment, looking to spend my +180 on my future shop credit card.
I failed hard and bought me a denon 4200, Polk A9s, 2- psw125s, and matching center to the A9. I kijiji'ed the other 4 smaller speakers for the surround.(also Polk)
Bow here's the issue... after reading tons, Im understanding that I need more powah for these A9s to make them sound even better and "full". So basically I started looking up amplifiers hoping to find massive watts. But in my travels I kept seeing this pre amp stuff, wtf? So I need to pre amp off my reciever to get that sound then amplified??? Or does the pre amp "clean" the sound to awesomeness to then be amplified?
If I need a pre amp, I'm looking at parasound.
But for the amplifier it's self, I'm currently looking at emotiva gen 3 cuz 50watts more then parasound amp. However apparently emotiva makes the speakers sound "bright".
So should I just match the pre amp to the amp?
This hole situation is very confusing as i truthfully don't understand.


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