Started the surgery on the 2.3TLs -plus a wiring question



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    You may not have to cut down the ones for the SRS's as it varies from Polk product runs it seems, so test fit first.
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    From memory i think the SRS i have done were also protruding ever so slightly as i remember thinking "Fire trUCK" they are the first version made by Polk.I'll let you know in the future if i have to cut them down.
    The second set of SRS's i have are the last version made so they may be right on the day, fingers crossed . When i have the other toys from Trey , i'll do everything on the day !
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    H9, Pitdog, and F1, you guys proved me wrong. Best placement is close to the front wall and closer together. In my case 6 to 7 inches works best - and closer together also - they are 6 feet apart which leaves me just under 3 feet on one side and 4 feet on the other.

    I also found my Classe stereo amp sounds better with the standard IC cable versus the AI-1 cable. Classe is also better than my Mcintosh mono’s with the A1-1 cable. So far not a fan of that cable...tried the baked potato tweak and it might have helped but I took the foil off to get a baseline first. Maybe I will try that again.

    I am using them in strictly a 2 channle system with 90% vinyl and they sound excellent - especially when cranked up a bit, no strain whatsoever. Need more time with them. ;)
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