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    Watch at about the 0:45 mark. The person is using a tablet to control his Marantz 7004.
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    Thats what im looking for. He doesnt have a hard drive hooked to it it seems. Not sure why that would make a difference though.
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    steveinaz wrote: »
    I run my Oppo 103 with an ext usb hard drive full of flacs.; the app works just fine, though does NOT work with iphone 4--you need iphone 5 or above; also works on all ipads. The nice thing about the WD hard drives is that they turn off automatically when you power down the Oppo.

    Is your WD HD USB powered? I thought I had read somewhere that the USB power on the 103 was good enough for thumb drives but probably not enough for a standalone hard drive.

    I'm very close to this solution for my 2 channel room, as have thousands of files of various types (AAC, MP3, ALAC, AIFF) on multiple computers that I want to consolidate and be able to play easily on my rig. This seems like a great solution, though the video portion won't be used in this application.
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    I use a WD passport with no problems
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    I use a WD My Passport on a BDP-93 as well and it powers it fine. The only issue I have with this Oppo and removable hard drive is when I use Linux to put files on the hard drive I get some errors that I have to use a Windows program to fix. I just have to reboot my laptop into Windows to put files on the hard drive instead, no biggie.
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    My WD external (My Book) is powered.
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    So. am I reading this correctly that you can connect a portable USB hard drive to the Oppo BDP-93 usb port and control playback using Media Control app for an android device such as a tablet?
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