Polk RTA 12a's or SDA CRS ?

Newbie here on this forum . I wont to buy a pair of really nice Polks with really punch deep bass and sweet mids and highs . I have an opportunity to buy either a pair of RTA 12's or SDA CRS speakers with the umbilical cord in tack. I auditioned both but without doing some really long critical listening am having a tough time. I notice that of course the RTAS had really low bottom end bass and the SDA CRS seemed to have a little punchier with the ten inch passive radiator . I have a Marantz 2325 and a room size of 10 by12 . Please help as I have to make a pretty quick decision before 1 or both pair are bought off craigslist . Both pairs are selling local for 450. I thank you to all you Polkies out there for helping me.

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