Usher N-6361, are they worth it?


To be honest I have only played fairly mellow stuff on them. I may never play much else through them, the detail is so thoroughly pleasing that my Black Sabbath may never defile their precious drivers lol


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    Sabbath are one of the all time greats. You must be thinking of Miley Cyrus or Backstreet Boys as the speaker defilers.
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    They didn't speak a word of English, they were from South Carolina.

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    Big shout out to Dskip for steering me in the right direction on these. That guy knows his stuff.
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    @Nightfall seriously, I am enjoying stuff that I have heard hundreds of times that it may as well be brand new to me. Besides they are in the bedroom and I don't need to take my thrashing music in there. I already have insomnia lol
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    DSkip wrote: »
    Try out something that will test their authority in the lower registries.

    I think I said it in another thread, but I'm thrilled you are enjoying these. That's all I wanted. I also think you made the right decision to step up to the 6361 instead of grabbing the 6311.

    right now I am treating them like delicate flowers.

    that can't last lol
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    you know you'll have to give a detailed review on the ushers. i still don't see what everyone sees in usher speakers B)
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    @marvda1 I am not all that well versed in the speaker world. I made a mad rush from Monitor II's to LsiM's and a lot of amp additions in between. I have listened to other peoples setups and some Best Buy demos so I know very little. What I do know is that the Ushers that I got were quite a leap for me. For what I hear from them so far they are a great bang for the buck and I would and may buy another pair going up the Usher line without any apprehension. I am not good at wordy description for whatever that might be worth so all I can say is that these speakers sound really sweet.
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    I bought a set of the N-6361 mid-2015 and I am extremely pleased with them. I listened for a few months to many different speakers before deciding on these.

    Running them with a Rega Brio-R amp they sound natural with no over-emphasis on anything. What I play is what I hear, whether it's on LP, CD, open-reel, whatever, the detail in the sound is pretty amazing. My last set of tower speakers (Infinity) just couldn't manage the details, like hearing fingers slide over strings in a guitar piece, etc. They did take a few months to break in, however; I think Usher recommends 100 hours. The speakers came with a couple of demo CDs that start with the low frequency on the first tracks and get higher as it plays through. You can probably ask your dealer or rep to let you listen to a demo CD. When I first played my demo CD at home I was absolutely floored.

    I can easily recommend these speakers, and no, I don't work for Usher or any other hi-fi manufacturer or retailer. No conflict of interest, but I really think these will be my speakers for life.
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    I want some demo disks
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    I sent you one from Legacy speakers..should have sent you the ushers ones ..not sure how I forgot.
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    Thanks, DSkip. Whoa, it's a bit early for me to think about the next speaker upgrade, but when it is time I'll definitely check out the Mini Dancers. I also started with Polk many years ago as my first "quality" speakers, then went to Infinity and now the Ushers.
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    Mini Dancers are a nice step up and a great value IMHO.
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  • I was visiting from booth to booth during a recent Audio Video Show and heard lots of expensive speakers but finally came back to this Usher Audio N-6361 to test it again and found that it really satisfied me. The audio output crystal clear, very detailed and i felt it was worth the purchase. It is surely better than others that i had. Yes, totally satisfied eventhough it was a display set. Let's see how long it will be with me.