Placement of floor standing speakers

I am currently using LSIM703's as my front speakers and RTIA12's as my surround speakers, does someone see a problem with that configuration? I have a CSIA6 as my center and PSW 125 sub - the room is about 35 X 20. Sounds good to me


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    If it sounds good to you what's the problem? We can't fix what ain't broke...
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    You mean RTi12 or RTA-12? What are they all hooked up to? RTi12's need good amplification, not an inexpensive AVR. Though as rear channel, it's probably okay.

    Really, though, I don't understand what you're asking.
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    Issues as I see them. Your front stage is not timbre matched. Your sub leaves a lot to be desired.

    So, what to do? The RTi 12's and the CSi A6 are a better timbre match. Seems a shame to use the LSiM 703's as the surrounds, but that's where they should go. Buy a better sub. If your AVR has pre outs buy an amp for the front stage.
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  • Thanks for all the input!
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