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Here it is.

Please tell me why this is a bad amp. This has gotta be one of those too good to be true deals just wondering why though.
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  • LibertycLibertyc Posts: 912
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    Because it's made by Pyramid...
  • phoneisbusyphoneisbusy Posts: 875
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    Professional Component Amplifier
    400 Watts x 2 into 8 Ohms (2 x 125 Watts RMS) <- If it's 125 RMS, what measurement did they use to get the 400?

    Plus the colour scheme is hideous! ;)


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    As pib noted, here's a case where the spec's do tell a story. And the spec's here are inflated... One that is missing from all listings is weight...

    Did you check their feedback... Here are some of the negatives.

    1000w amp is 400RMS, ordered 2,sent 1, Company apathetic, UNSAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buyer grammyguy( 51) Feb-25-04 12:51 3077432032

    The guitar amp was advertised at 400 watts, while research proves it to be 40. Buyer blainesta871( 3 ) Feb-24-04 14:24 3705129122

    crappy speakers. Tried to email but their address doesnt work (through ebay2!) Buyer seattlesmithseattle( 53) Feb-08-04 01:17 3072996323
    More later,
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    I hear you guys, did not read feed back cause was not interested in bidding. Just wanted to know how people scam so I can avoid crap in the future. I have seen this one called Nady that seems to be the same type of crap. Thanx guys.
    Wish I was a polkologist then I could call my self Dr.warviper.
  • kingkipkingkip Posts: 401
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    But the colors alone should have turned you off, right?! Who has purple gear?
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  • goingganzogoingganzo Posts: 2,797
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    you can get a samson s 1000 for 350bucks and it has 1000 wats rms and it is not ugly and has a real 3 year warentee i think.
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  • PolkWannabiePolkWannabie Posts: 2,763
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    Just for the record that 1000 watts ( 500 wpc ) is into 4 ohms. Oops ... I guess it'll do 1000 watts @ 8 ohms, bridged. Sorry about that.
  • newtoeverythingnewtoeverything Posts: 17
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    pyramid, isnt that just an unbelievable cheap brand? I remember here in Canada there's a brand called Pyramid (maybe the same?) that sells like 1000W car amps for like $175. Obviously it's a cheap cheap brand. BTW. those car amps I saw were in a place called London Drugs. . .enough said.
  • phoneisbusyphoneisbusy Posts: 875
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    Hey!!!! I got my Polks from London Drugs!! :p
    Agree with you about Pyramids though. ;)


    Time is the best teacher. Unfortunately it kills all its students.
  • PolkThugPolkThug Posts: 7,532
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    Yes, Pyramid is very low end. I remember a guy that sold them out of a van when I lived in Topeka.
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