San Diego Gathering



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    Left to right

    Cody, John, Erik, Will, Doug

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    "Erik wrote:
    And thank you to John for hauling down his Carver monoblocks and Pass preamp. With those set up - any speaker we hooked up went to a whole different level of sonic performance.

    I couldn't stop saying 'wow' at the detail, depth, and texture I was hearing. And power....ppffft - those mono blocks were shaking the house!

    We tried all sorts of combos with the gear there and it all sounded good, but everyone was in agreement 'best' was the Carvers with the Pass.

    Thank you Eric for the kind words... I learned quite a bit too from your MF and the B&W's. That is some seriously fine gear as well. I have never really considered "bookies" to be as good as their floor standing counterparts, but my eyes were opened to that possibility in a very big way.

    I was also impressed by Doug's Sunfire paired up with the Pass. I don't see ever going back to SS power, but that Sunfire is a beast, and really came alive once the Pioneer was taken out of the loop. If my wife were not wanting to get on the road for the long drive home, I could have listened to that combo for a long time.

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    Very nice guys! John has some great equipment. I've heard the Revel Gems and they are very impressive! Glad to see Polkies getting together and having a great time. Thanks for sharing!

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    WTG Doug!! Thanks for sharing and glad you all had a great time!
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    I uploaded some pictures I took of the event - just gear.

    We had the bookies on some very nice stands that Will brought down - I couldn't believe how good my B&Ws sounded out in the room. And the way John's Carver's gripped and controlled the bass - they were digging low!


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    Looks all to familiar. Isn't it about time to do something again?
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