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    Look what I found on my doorstep last Friday. Almost all the parts for a 3.1tl upgrade...

    Also, building/converting all my SDA and dreadnought IC's to Neutrik connectors.

    Was a rumor Blackhole 5 was discontinued a while back. Sonic Craft has it in stock. T'aint cheap but nothing compares.

    Jeff must have found more of the original BH5 because the current version comes in a different size and isn't made the same. The current version is 12"x18" and costs a lot more per square inch than the original 24"x27". It was never discontinued by the manufacturer, but Jeff told me he wasn't going to sell the new version because of the reduction in size and increase in price.

    Was rooting around in the basement and found well over 1/2 a sheet of BH5 from my upgrades in 2012. Enough that I don't need the sheet I just purchased. Hadn't thought to but will compare the old and new to see if there are any differences.

    I take the new sheet was purchased from Sonic Craft, so it will be the same as the original. The new BH5 only comes in 12"x18" sheets.
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    I bought a sheet from Sonic Craft a few months ago to finish out my last pair of 3.1's and it sure seemed to be exactly the same as their previous offerings. Seriously considering going back and redoing a pair of 1.2's I did last year now that I have the genuine stuff in hand, The fact I had to substitute during that build has me convinced I hear a difference but I'm sure it's all in my head.

    As for the 3.1 build, make sure you check all the screws holding the side trim on for tightness. Almost all of mine were very loose and the lower cabinet holes for the feet/spikes were drilled all the way through making the enclosure anything but airtight. The pre-build push test was as close to zero as you could get!
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