Do Rotel amps generally share a common ground, RA870BX.

I'm wanting to use my connection cable between my SDA 2b's , my current power amp is a Sansui B2102 which is not common ground. I'm considering purchasing a Rotel RA870 BX. Although it doesn't have as high of an output as the Sansui, I'm hoping it would allow me to use the connecting cable .
Any advice is appreciated.


  • I guess I could use a multi tester to check continuity across the left and right speaker ground posts.
  • The Rotel does share a common ground according to the multi tester. So I am good to go if I choose to use the interconnecting cable for the SDA's.
    I'm currently using the Rotel amplifier as a pre amp for my non common ground Sansui power amplifier.
    My new question is as follows , continue to use a 200 watt per channel high power and or use the Rotels common ground internal amp at 80 watts per channel allowing the use of the SDA's interconnecting cable.
    I know it's a personal taste, but again advise would be appreciated.
  • anonymouseanonymouse Posts: 2,706
    Try it. You have nothing to lose.
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