RTi4 Eats Tweeters

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I have an RTi4 monitor that eats tweeters. I have replaced the tweeter a couple of times: it works for a while and then
completely dies. Is this a crossover problem? Can it be fixed?
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    Pretty good guess, it was a Denon and now a lower-end Sony, but of all the various speakers I have, it's only the one monitor.
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    turn it down you might be asking too much from those
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    Wrong forum, mods should move this thread please.

    And yes, it is VERY unlikely that there is anything wrong with the speaker. You are overdriving/underpowering it. Either turn it down or buy a better receiver or better yet a 2 channel amp and then you can crank it all you want...
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    Wouldn't a shorted capacitor send LF signal to the tweeter in addition to the HF signal it's supposed to receive?
  • I agree its likely too little power at a given volume, but perhaps the initial occurrence also damaged the crossover. It doesn't seem likely that the same monitor is the only one being affected, unless something else is going on.
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  • I can't say with 100% certainty that it is only one box that has the problem since I haven't tried switching the two monitors around; but just to lower the expectations appropriately, I am a musician, not an audiophile. As such I may have accidentally played a synthesizer through this speaker which I know they are not built to handle; and from now on I will be more careful.
    Thanks for everyone who replied.
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    I've been running two RTi-4s and a sub as part of my bedroom system for two or three years on an Onkyo TX-SR 604 (25.1 lbs. 90 watts per channel). And haven't had even ONE hiccup in that time.

    It is a GOOD idea to switch speakers and see if the problem follows the speaker because then it would be your RECEIVER!

    BTW, Rti tweeters are VERY robust and have a special heat sink to handle HIGH POWER!

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