4a Overhaul

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Working on these 4a's as a college graduation present for my daughters boyfriend. His parent's bought him a vintage Technics tt and I am selling them a vintage CR-620 as part of the package. These 4's were a little rough so I re-veneered with flat cut cherry PSA, stained and applied 6 coats of hand rubbed satin poly. My first veneer job and I am very pleased with the results. Much thanks to westmassguy for his advise and guidance. Waiting for the caps and resistors to arrive to do the c/o's.
4a before 2.jpg
4a veneered with hand rub poly.jpg
4a veneered with hand rub poly 3.jpg
4a veneered with hand rub poly 2.jpg
4a veneered 4.jpg
4a veneered 3.jpg
4a veneered 2.jpg
4a halway 3.jpg
4a halfway.jpg
4a halfway 2.jpg
4a before.jpg
4a before 3.jpg
4a veneered.jpg
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