Do you remember your first Polk?



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    My first was a PSW303 and a CSI30. I was sold on the quality of Polk after that and a few years later I went all in with RTI A9/RTI A3/FXI A6/CSI A6 setup.
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    My first Polks were Model 10's back in 77, my neighbors probably still hate me playing 1812 Overture on a direct to disk album!
  • treitz3
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    Mine were the RT800. Fun little speaker back in the day. I had them paired with what was essentially a mid bass module. Some kind of 8" Polk sub that I have no recollection of other than it wasn't "really" a sub. More of an enhancement of mid bass, if you will. That was along time ago...maybe a quarter of a century ago.


    Currently, the only Polks I own are the LSi7 in the LR for those times the family wants to listen to background music (if the main rig isn't on) or watch a movie.

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  • Yes, I just replaced them last week and they now live with my mom. Polk RT400.
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    Monitor 10B closely followed by Monitor 12s
  • Tony M
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    Monitor 10's with Peerless. :p
    Most people just listen to music and watch movies. I EXPERIENCE them.
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    SDA SRS and still listen to them every day.
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    Yes! I loved my monitor 7s in studio black. Purchased for my dorm system in 1988 and used them until I lost them in the divorce. 😥
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  • My first Polks were a used pair of Monitor 4's. Then the sickness grew! I have been through many pair since then. Whittled my collection down to a pair of Monitor 5's w/Peerless tweeters, Modded SDA 2B tl's, and modded SDA1C's.
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    My first Polks were component fronts and 6.5" rears for my '87 Toyota 4wd that I got from Crustfield. Loved that little setup. Sounded great. Used acoustic mastic from McMaster to line the doors and cab.

    My first Polk house speakers, though, were some cat-pissed Monitor 10s, though I did not realize this at time of purchase. I still have them, though the cat piss bonus feature has since faded. This was 2014, so that is to be expected, I imagine.
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    2B's bought new in 87' ish.
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    Polk SDA 1C's modded / 1000Va Dreadnaught
    Wireworld Silver Eclipse IC's and speaker cables
    Harman Kardon T65C w/Grado Gold. (Don't laugh. It sounds great!)

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    After owning a system i bought many years ago from Sears & Roebucks. My first Polk Audio speaker was a 8 inch down subwoofer I traveled 30 miles in a Toyota Yaris to pick up for 20 bucks. As I was there he had 2 big speakers (so I thought) that were Polk SDA2b speakers (picture archived on forum) just sitting there. I asked him if he would sell them & he said no. His friend who passed left them to him. I gave him my phone number & few days later I get a call & I rush out the door. On the way there I wondered if I should have taken the truck lol. They actually fit in the 2dr car. I loaded them up & then joined the forum to learn how to hook them up properly. Since then (flipping days) I've owned 30+ pair or more of Polks used & at least 8 pair of new Polk speaker. Although I've slowed down & only own Polks now. Its been a great audio venture
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    audioluvr wrote: »
    2B's bought new in 87' ish.

    Same here in late 80s.

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    RT1000's bought new in 1999 and I thought they were terrible. Because of them I shied away from bringing home any other Polk speakers for several years.
  • pitdogg2
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    SDA 1 signatures saved from a pawn store. Some knuckle head had been inside trying to wire the dimensional woofer and tweeter to work with no interconnect cable. What a freaking hack job it was.
    I dove in head first and bought Sonicaps and Mills resistors and all new Furutech hookup wire. It was not a cheap endeavor.
  • treitz3
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    Did you mean RT1000i's?


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  • ken brydson
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    jblack16 wrote: »
    RT55i open box from Circuit City around Y2K - still have them and won't ever sell them.

    Great speakers. Welcome to Club Polk!
  • motorstereo
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    treitz3 wrote: »

    Did you mean RT1000i's?


  • treitz3
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    Ah, that was (from what has been relayed to me) a Sandy Gross design while he was still at Polk. He pretty much did the same thing with his Golden Ear speakers after he left Polk. He ended up leaving Golden Ear after a 50 year career in 2020.

    Like you, I wasn't particularly fond of that design and understand why you would have wanted to take a break from Polk after those.

    There was an audio event down here in Charlotte where his Golden Ears speakers were featured. When Sandy asked me, as I was leaving the room, if I liked them. Man, talk about having a deer in the headlights look! Not wanting to be rude....seeing as how the room was still filled with other folks auditioning the speakers, I simply smiled, nodded my head and left the room.

    Maybe somewhat decent for an HT speaker but definitely not for 2 channel. Every company out there puts out a less than stellar product every once in a while and for me? These speakers would quite easily win my nomination for that category.

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    Definitive was founded in 1990, so he was long gone before the RT and the SRT came out. Srt was like 1995 or 1996.

    The RT series was a direct link to the SRT, which was Matt Polks baby. If you were to look at the rt3000 and then look at the srt, it is basically a mini srt setup without sda.

    Then there were smaller floor standers built around the same idea...

    Rt3000p>rt2000p>rt1000p and then the later improved versions

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  • I do but, have to confess my first are the sda srs’ I acquired in June of this year 🤪

    I am late to the meeting again.
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    R50’s. Still have them even though I haven’t had them in a system in probably 20 years. I’d rather keep them than sell them for $50.
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  • jblack16 wrote: »
    RT55i open box from Circuit City around Y2K - still have them and won't ever sell them.

    Great speakers. Welcome to Club Polk!

    Thanks, Ken!
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    I am going to be setting up my system again, a theater set up and a two channel set up. I am an old pokie from the 1980's DB6900 when I was introduced to the car audio line, been a devotie since. I am currently the owner of the following:

    2 pair RT2000
    1 pair RT55
    1 pair FX500
    1 one CS400
    1 set RT5000 (RT3000/CS1000 & FX1000)
    1 set FX1000 New in box
    1 sub PSW1000
    2 sub JL Audio Fathom f113

    I am seeking information on the SRT Polk line up. Any historian Polk Person have real hard facts on production numbers for the SRT series, not a lot of accurate information on this?

  • Emlyn
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    That's an excellent lineup of speakers. There are some SRT experts on the forum but I don't know if they know the actual production numbers for the mains, center, surrounds, and control units.