Soundbar 5000 IHT cuts out when watching Netflix on Samsung smart tv.

jellejelle Posts: 2
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The sound is cutting out after the speakers emit several short bursts of high pitched squeaks. Both the soundbar and the tv are brand new. If I switch from source one to source two or three and then back to source one on the SB, the sound, after a moment or two, comes back on. Help, please.
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  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 6,689
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    Hello jelle,
    Welcome to Polk's forum, sorry there's a problem. Could you describe what other components you've connected to the SB? Maybe tell us how they are connected?
    Regards, Ken
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  • jellejelle Posts: 2
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    My SB5000 is connected directly to my Samsung UN55 smart tv via the optical cable. At this point, that is the only input into the SB. Could the optical cable be at fault?
  • Patty DPatty D Posts: 2
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    Hi Jelle; Did you ever get the problem figured out? My husband and I are having the same problem with a Samsung Smart tv.
  • Wyred8anWyred8an Posts: 1
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    I have this same problem, everything works as intended except when using my smart tv and the netflix app. Sound bar light turns green and cuts out randomly. Using optical audio cable. All hook ups are correct since works in every other instance: TV (cable) , blue ray player etc
  • newjacksmnewjacksm Posts: 4
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    I am having this issue too-- Samsung F7100 but it cuts out with PS4 as well
  • dongemusdongemus Posts: 2
    Mine cuts out as well using an eighth inch cable from the TV to the sound bar
  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 6,689
    Contact Polk's CS department at 1-800-377-7655, I'm sure they can help.
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  • jsegerstjsegerst Posts: 1
    I just started having the same issue. The source light turns green because the source feed from Netflix/Plex/ect is sending Dolby Digital signal. This is the only time the speaker clicks and then goes silent. The only way to get sound back is to switch to regular TV. I am not sure but it seems like the speaker is having trouble decoding the higher end audio signal. I would love to get an answer on this because it is extremely frustrating.
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