DSW Pro 500 problem

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Unit probably 4 years old. Straight DFI from a Yamaha amp. Working great then it suddenly stopped working tonight. Remote only elicits an occasional flash from the front blue light but is otherwise ineffective. Blue light also not active except for the occasional flash when repeatedly pressing the LED remote button. Power light is blinking green. Volume up and down with the buttons on the back ineffective. Battery in remote works as I tried it in another device. Yamaha amp also working fine. I did unplug the sub for 15 minutes but that did not help. Help?
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    Hello Rastapacker,
    Welcome to Polk's forum, sorry you're having a problem with the sub. You've already done quite a bit of troubleshooting, so I believe the best thing to do is contact Polk's CS department, on Monday, at: [email protected] or via telephone: 1-800-377-7655 for help. Don't worry, they'll solve the problem.
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  • Have the same unit(DSW Pro 500 ) I Probably over drove it. ( had a larger Paradigm running at the same time, so might not have heard it. Unit was dead. no lights. so far, one diode blown in half and R24,R34 cooked/open. Replaced, now have power/green light on and barely very,Very Low sound. C101 ( 2200uf 63v ) looked like it had leaked, replaced with a lower voltage 2200uf just to test. that's all I had. It blew as soon as I turn it on. (pop out of speaker) That's as far as I have gotten.
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