Does anyone else think "ALI" is...

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...going to be awesome? I have watched the trailer for that movie about 50 times and it just looks to be one of "those" movies that really grabs ya. Can't wait for Christmas day. December seems like a great month for movies. It's about time!!
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    Does anyone else think "ALI" is...going to be awesome?

    Nope. I won't even give this a rental.

    Peace Out~:D
    Ron dislikes a film = go out and buy it.
    Ron loves a film = don't even rent.
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    ...last time that I checked, draft-dodgers are persona non grata. Guys that served their country when it was their turn, those guys are heroes. Those are the guys we should be making movies of.

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    Ali does look good.
    Not gonna comment on the rest...
  • juice21juice21 Posts: 1,866
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    as a movie, i am excited about seeing it. it won't be on christmas day though...
    ...the fOrce is strong with this one.
  • Micah CohenMicah Cohen Ruler of the gnome universe Posts: 2,020
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    I find myself interested in this. I mean, it's Michael Mann. It's a pumped to the gills Will Smith (who, admit it, if he's in the right role can be an interesting actor) doing a fair Ali impression (before Ali lost his mind, of course). I'd rent it later just cause it's directed by Mann.

    Anyone see the new SPIDERMAN preview online? Now THAT is something else I'm ashamed to say looks cool as smoking ****, and I can not wait to see it. I'm buying right into the hype on these things.

    I hate that.

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    "There's nothing funny about a clown in the moonlight." - Lon Chaney
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    I just think that it's fair not to make comments/conclusions on the movie that we have not watch it yet.
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