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Hello all,

I am brand new to this forum and the audiophile world. I’ve been researching my first system (and Audiophile in general) for a few weeks now, and think I found a good mix. My wife has to sign off on the whole thing and basically told me I was free to choose whatever as long as it met two items: A) it was within budget (~2000) B) she could use it to watch movies. I am more into music; so I need a system that can meet both our demands.

Now, with that being said let me get into it. I have a 12x20’ room, however; we will be [probably] sitting toward the speakers facing the long wall in the corner of the room. Below is the system I am considering, any input on it would be greatly appreciated. Don’t hold back; if I messed something up, please let me know.

Speakers: 2 x Polk tsi500
Subwoofer: PSW110
Receiver: Onkyo TX-NR709
Amp: Emotiva XPA-200

---Already Owned---
Video: 55” Samsung Plasma
Blue-ray player: PS3 and a LG.

I know it’s only 2.1 (aka super simple) but I figure I could always upgrade as I go. I really just want to invest in quality products that will last, while giving me some room to grow. I live in a duplex. Do I even really need the amp? The Onkyo 709 is rated at 110wpc, and I am only getting an extra 40wpc with the XPA200 for an extra 500 bucks. But, I have read that the Onkyo (at least the 609, I’ve read the 709 isn’t as bad) can run a little hot so I figured I could give it an amp to keep its work load down. Plus, I really want to make sure the 500s are not underpowered. Then I chose the PSW110, b/c some individuals were saying that the 10 can easily get lost in the sound of everything else and just buck up the extra 50 dollars for the 110. I am not looking for something that hits super hard but I do want to be able to feel the lows. A lot of reviews said the 500s were straining to hit the super lows and could use a partner. I am hoping the 110 will do just that and will accent the 500s, not steal the show. Please just let me know what you think. Should I consider something else? Am I overlooking something? Am I trying to divide by zero? Etc… Thank you all for the help! I am planning on auditioning these and other speakers this weekend. But, it is hard to find a store that will. I have a feeling I am going to have to purchase, then audition, and if I don’t like it return it.

P.S. If it matters; I listen to Jazz, R&B, Blues, a little Classic Rock, and a little Rap. We also do play quite a few video games.

Oh, I almost forgot. Can I hook up the 2 500s to the amp and the sub directly to the receiver?
Thanks again.
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    I believe the 709 has a LFE output for your sub, but I would look at the PSW505 for the sub, can usually be found for less than $200 if you keep an eye on the sales at Newegg. The XPA-200 will power those just fine. I have a few Onkyos's and the part that seems to run hot is the HDMI board, I put a small Thermaltake USB powered fan on top of the cover above the HDMI board to help keep it cool and haven't had any problems. You and your wife should enjoy the sound.
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    Hey thanks, I really appreciate the help. I’ll definitely take a look at the 505, especially if it’ll save me 50. I also like that idea with the USB fan; I’ll probably steal that one too. LOL
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    Just a quick update to this post. I purchased/hooked up everything from the previous post and I am extremely pleased with the results! The 500s really respond well with my music. I turn the sub off while listening to jazz and I am really happy with it. My wife is very happy with the set up as well; we have watched a few movies and the PSW505 sub really impressed her, along with the crisp sound of the TSI500s. I just wanted to express my gratitude to all of you as well. I have been surfing this forum for a while and gathered/ing a ton of tips, all of which went into my selection above. So, thank you all!
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    That's terrific, you made great choices now sit back with your wife and enjoy!
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    Center channel speaker CS20 would improve your video enjoyment IMO. Add surrounds later.
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    Great start on your system. If you could convince her that adding a CS 20 would make a dramatic improvement to her movie experience, you'll have a 7.1 system by Labor Day.
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    Nice choice on the PSW505. Newegg has them in the "Open Box/ Clearance" section occasionally for $179, shipped.
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    Help the FNG? Sounds like a South American revolutionary group. :smile:
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    Yes! And it begins! I just mentioned it to her; she just replied, “Ok, but let’s give it a little bit”. Which means once I get I back from my deployment I will have my new center :cheesygrin:.

    Damn, I didn't see the $179 505s. But, I was really excited to get everything though. I even put the over night shipping on my cables from Blue Jeans, haha.

    LOL, sorry BlueFox, FNG in the AF just means "F***in' new guy".
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    Far_man wrote: »
    I turn the sub off while listening to jazz and I am really happy with it.

    Congrats on the new equipment and good you're happy with everything. I am curious as to how you are turning off the sub.. Are you going to it and killing the power or ? If so, you can just press the "Music" button your remote to cycle through the different sound modes. When you hit "Direct" or "Pure" the AVR will bypass Audyssey all together, omit the sub and send the full range signal to your 500's.

    Dunno if it helps, but thought I would toss that out there.
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    Thank you. Yup, you got it, I use the pure audio function on the Onkyo. I just leave the sub on auto on/off and it will go into stand by when no signal is going to it.
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    Get that CS20 !!! You & the wife will be happy.
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