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Hello Club, making my first foray into the threads here and wondering if any of you have strong feelings one way or another about Newegg. I see lots of references to Newegg in the exisiting threads but nothing specifically about the purchasing experience with them. They have lots of mixed reviews on other sites. It seems as if they're the only name-brand retailer or etailer selling the new Monitor series. Thanks in advance for any illumination...

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    Ive been buying from Newegg for several years now. Im an avid PC enthusiast, overclocker, gamer and builder so Ive bought thousand of dollars of stuff from them over the last several years. To date I have not had a single bad experience. Prices are as good or close to as good as anywhere else, selections is plentiful, shipping is extremely fast and packaging is always top notch and their customer service is reported to be among the best as well (cant say personally as Ive never had to use it). They also have the best website for searching and browsing online period. Amazon usually has stuff a little cheaper but its a lot more pain in the balls to find with their search format.

    There has been a little wrinkle where theyve stopped supporting some of my favorite PC enthusiast communities like so that makes me want to not spend as much with them but their website is so superb and me never having a negative experience with them will probably keep me shopping there.

    So yeah, I can recommend Newegg wholeheartedly based on 5+ years of experience and countless purchases.
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    I've bought a lot of computer equipment through them, never any audio equipment however. I've never had a bad experience yet in probably the 6 or 7 years I've been shopping with them. Every time I've had a bad part, they've helped get it returned or replaced.
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    Great online retailer
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    It was rated in the top ten online retailers
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    Newegg is a great site. I get a lot of pc parts there :)
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    I have only had one little tickoff from them a open box video card that did not work and I had to pay $7 to ship it back. But listen I have brought Polk monitor 60, monitor 70, CS2, CsiA6, 3 Onkyo receivers never any problems at all.

    thsmith wrote: »
    Great online retailer
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    Thank you All! Great insights!

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    Speaker boxes came dented up. No fault of Newegg. Sign up for the daily Eblast emails and you will be able to use the codes for discounts when they have a sale. Good luck, Darryl
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    I use Newegg all the time. Have had a couple of problems, not theirs, they are first rate on returns.
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    Had a bunch of transactions with them for both pc parts as well as HT speakers and no issues. Have bought open box with no issues as well as RMA'd a couple items and no issues with that process either.
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    Welcome to Club Polk!

    And another thumbs UP for

    I've bought a number of things from them over the years. Good service, good products!

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    Newegg is awesome, I've bought a bunch of things from them (including my Polk speakers and sub), no hassles or worries. Their customer service is also usually very good.
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    Newegg is great in every aspect. Great prices and very good when you need to return an item. I buy PC stuff almost exclusively from them.
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    I'll add my thumbs-up. I've ordered dozens of items from them over the years and have never had a problem.
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    i ordered my polk 70's from them one of the grills were broken on arrival they gave me a credit and polk shipped a new grill great company
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    I too buy most of my PC gear from Newegg. However their return policy is not always the best, depending on the item. Just recently I purchased a SanDisk ReadyCache SSD that turned out to be faulty, and it ended up being more economical for me to return the drive directly to SanDisk rather than pursuing an RMA through Newegg. Sandisk paid for my return shipping and shipped me out a new unit.

    But I will still continue to buy most of my stuff from Newegg.

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    I run a company that has bought a lot of stuff from NewEgg and had good experience. I had one good experience and one bad experience in the Christmas season just past that has called my confidence in them into question.

    I bought a Yamaha receiver from them for $199 for one of my kids for Christmas. I went back to buy another for another kid, but the price was $249. Ok, fine, it's the internet.

    But they continued to run Google ads for the next three days for the same Yamaha receiver at $199 but clicking through to the landing page the receiver was $249. I made three separate attempts to run it up the chain at NewEgg and get them to honor the $199 price they were advertising. They steadfastly refused claiming they weren't responsible. I take a dim view of vendors who won't honor their advertised prices.

    It left a bad taste in my mouth.
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    reading this thread got me wondering, checked my newegg order history.

    shows orders back to 2003. not sure if they only keep 10 years record, or if that was my first order with them, but they have been a wonderful company to deal with over the years and i fully recommend them.

    polk speakers go on sale quite often. you'll get notified if you sign up for the email alerts. just unsubscribe after you find the deal you want as they email almost daily.
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    If you want to see how cheap an item has been sold for in the past on Newegg, check out .

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    Have purchased from NewEgg many times over the years when building PC's and always had a good experience.
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