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As the subject states, I've owned a pair of walnut SDA-1Cs since new, serial # 11XXX. I believe they have the SL2000 tweeter but if I recall correctly subsequent polk speaker models came with an upgraded tweeter (SL2500 ???).

I understand there is an upgraded tweeter available. Is this a worthwhile upgrade from a cost/performance perspective? I'd also appreciate any other links or information on the entire, late great SDA line.
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    I understand the SL2500 may sound a little better. Others can probably help more though. The 1C is an awesome speaker!
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    2500 and then 3000 in the tl line...

    neither is a drop in replacement for the 2000 as they required different cross-overs.

    the current replacement for the 2000 is the 2000t, which a few folks have moved to and report smoother highs...

    contact helen at polk cs to order them. as a club member you get a discount and free shipping... works out to $44.95 per as i recall. if you're in one of a few lucky states, you get to pay sales tax as well.

    you may be able to sell your 2000's here...

    welcome to the club...
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    I say if they work fine, why play with them. Wait until you need a new tweeter and then see about the upgrade. Man I wish my HT speakers sounded as good as the SRS's.
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    To the best of my knowledge the SDA1C always had the SL2000.

    The crossovers would, as Tour mentioned, need different components to accomodate a different tweeter like the SL3000 or SL2500. The schematics for the 1C, don't show a modification redline.

    I am going to go into the new series, 2000t, after a couple of my SL2000's burn up. I don't expect that to happen anytime soon, but the word is, that they sound better.
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    I misunderstood the question, Neo meant later models period...not just SDA1C.....ugh I am brain dead.

    Sorry, but that comment still stands damnit! :D
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