Best place to put subwoofer?

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I just bought a new system: PA D5000.5 Amp, MM6501 speakers and MM10DVC Sub. My question is where should I put the sub for best sound quality. As far as I can figure it out, the basic choices I have are behind either the driver or passenger the front seat in a thin crew cab type enclosure or in the back behind the rear seats in a more squared off box. I have a 1998 Subaru Outback station wagon. Any input would be appreciated.
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    Generally in hatchbacks like that, the best place is behind the rear seats firing toward the rear. The actual ideal place would be right up against the back firing into the cabin but this isnt practical cause everytime you open the rear hatch to throw your groceries in there, youve got a big sub box in the way.
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    Hatch, facing the rear. If the box is too small, flip the sub with the magnet facing out. It will protect the speaker and give it more volume, hitting deeper frequencies. Might need to flip the wire/polarity to keep it in phase with the door speakers, but probably wouldn't be able to tell as it would drastically overpower the doors.
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    best place is the backseat feel the bass MAN LMAO
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    generally further back the better as far as facing it not as big a sound differance as using the right size box for the driver .
    My car subs sound best tuned at 40 hz
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    Ideally, it will be great to place it at the back seat. Just try to figure out too the best hz for your hatchbbox.
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    like one other said, in the trunk facing the rear. this will help negate any kind of frequency cancellation that would occur otherwise.
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    In the rear hatch area. In a station wagon it should sound very good and provide a lot of sound. In my sedan I have the sub in the trunk in a custom box, and it provides a lot of sound even through the rear seats in a well insulated cabin. I do, however have a more powerful sub, a 12" SR124 in a custom sealed box. The MM10 should provide plenty of oomph in your wagon - I used to run the exact same sub in a .66 cu ft sealed box in a 2 seat sports car behind the passenger seat, and it was so powerful in that small car I kept the levels turned down pretty low.

    The key in your case is to make sure you use the right size enclosure, and provide it enough clean power.

    I definitely would NOT put the sub behind one of the front seats in your passenger cabin, as I see no acoustic benefit to this.
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