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Polk Members,

First off, thanks to all forum members for their posts and recommendations. I'm new to clear sound, so thank you. Your posts has not only helped me with my selection but also in problem solving. So far, every upgrade I've made to my system has increased my listening experience. I had a ground loop problem that was resolved with a Ebtech HumX and the Parasound matched with the A7's is awesome.

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AVR: Denon AVR-3805, AMP: Parasound Model 2250, Front: Polk RTIA7, Center: Polk CSIA6, Surrounds: Polk FXIA6, Sub: Polk DSW PRO660WI
Source: Roon via ethernet to DAC interface
DAC: Bricasti M1SE
Pre/Pro: Marantz AV8805
Tube Preamp Buffer: Tortuga TPB.V1
Amp1: W4S MC-5, AMP2: W4S MMC-7
Front: Salk SoundScape 8's, Center: Salk SoundScape C7
Surround: Polk FXIA6, Surround Back: Polk RTIA9, Atmos: Polk 70-RT
Subs: 2 - Rythmik F25's
IC & Speaker Cables: Acoustic Zen, Wireworld, Signal Cable
Power Cables: Acoustic Zen, Wireworld, PS Audio
Room Treatments: GIK Acoustics
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