PA D4000.4 starts up in protect mode?

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Recently my sound has been cutting out - at first infrequently and not for long, and now all the time and for indefinite periods of time. What I mean by this is at first it was for a few seconds every few days or so. Now it's constant, and the interruptions can last...well, up to the whole drive. The head keeps playing, just without audio so I figured it was the amp but everything looked normal. Today I pulled the head out and double checked all the connections, then went in back and pulled and reconnected all the wires. Now the amp starts right in protection mode - just the red light is on, not the blue power one. Thoughts? It's around 5 months old, and I'm using channels 1 & 2 to drive my MM6501s up front and 3 & 4 are bridged and powering an SR104. Thanks guys.

EDIT: Also, I know that these are supposedly very efficient and cool (hence no fan), but do they overheat? It was pretty damn hot to touch when I checked it out
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    wow just scrolled down three threads and saw the exact same thing on a d330. for some reason search didn't turn it up and also I can't read so...

    Unfortunately I bought this amp online, so I can't bring it in per se...maybe just send it back to polk? Should definitely still be under warranty
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    No help on this, eh? I'm hoping either I don't have the same problem or I get some help with mine.
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    Im sure its way too late for this but it sounds like something is shorting out to ground. Whenever this happens to me, its a speaker wire shorting out somewhere and often its right at the speaker itself where strands from one wire are touching another.
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