Very Happy with Polk "Refurbished" Speakers

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I needed a set of new speakers for the house I am buying. I decided on a pair of Polk Rti A7 towers, and a pair of RTi A3 bookshelf speakers.

To save some money on the RTi A7s, I bought them as "Refurbished" units on the Polk Audio eBay site, while I bought the smaller A3s new through an authorized Polk distributer.

I was really kinda worried that the refurbished A7s might have some cosmetic defects, but after a VERY careful inspection, they were as perfect cosmetically as the new A3s. The cherry wood veneer was excellant.

I haven't had a chance to listen to them yet since I have not moved to the new house I'm buying (going to wait to install everything after I move) .. but, I am sure these refurbished units have been tested as much, if not more than new units coming out of the factory, for obvious reasons.

Just be aware that the refurbished Polk home speakers get a 2 year warranty -vs- a 5 year warranty for new Polk home speakers.

But, as much as I saved buying these refurbished A7s, the decreased warranty period does not present a problem with me.

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    Congrats. RTi A7's in cherry don't generally last long on Polk's ebay site. Its a shame ya can't listen to them yet.
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    I have had my refurb A9's for about 3 years now with no issues..
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    sounds like you got some great speakers. hope you enjoy them soon..great to hear your happy with the outcome also
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    I love my refurbed a9 from polls eBay site. I swear one was brand new just to pair with the refurb. One was obviously the refurb the other looked factory fresh like my new a7s did. I couldn't be happier, they are perfect.
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