RT1000p for $60 worth it?

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Hello all,
I found someone selling the RT1000p for $60. Is this a good price? I already have the Monitor 50s as my front, Monitor 30 for surround, CS1 center, and PSW10 sub. The RT1000p would go in as my surrounds or fronts, and the 30s would go to the surround back. Would these speakers work well in my setup, or would they not match well? Thanks.
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    Run, don't walk. That's a steal. They'll work but it won't be a perfect match. If you don't like them, you can sell them for 3x as much.
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    If they work then 60 dollars is an awesome price for those speakers but i dont think they are gonna match that cs1 but still i would buy those and put them in a corner til i could find a center to match it. definitely go buy those NOW!!!
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    If the built in subs work, that is great price. I have had a pair since they first came out and still enjoy them. I occasionally think of replacing them with something a little better for music, but I have not done it yet. I have not heard the Monitor 50's, but I think you would find them a big jump up.

    While they will not match the center, I would give them a try and see how you like the combination.
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    How many people are madly searching their local CL right now?
    As said that is a great deal.
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  • I wish I could buy a pair of those for 4x the price but cannot find them anywhere unfortunately.
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    cosmic95 wrote: »
    I wish I could buy a pair of those for 4x the price but cannot find them anywhere unfortunately.

    This post was from 10 years ago. I can guarantee any you find now will have toast amps for the subs...
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    Its the search engine , I see this happening in a lot of forums.
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