John Dahlquist--What ever happened to him

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Jerry and I were talking about Dahlquist speakers today,,and being a previous owner of the DQ 20i's,,,which I should have kept,but thats another story.What ever happened to Mr Dahlquist,,supposedly he kinda' disappeared some time ago.Anyone know what,where,why,or who?
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    It's Jon, try contacting Regnar, see what they say. I haven't heard anything about him in years, I'd be interested.
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    a google search :

    .... Jon Dahlquist, as he died a few years back. .... his career was cut short years earlier by a horrible car accident It was quite a loss to the speaker design world, as he had a magic touch when it came to speaker design.....
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    Oh well....

    i have just been told that Jon is retired.

    the previous google search that I found is ' not true '.... OOOPS
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    I wish we had the ability to edit posts for more than a few minutes. I had a pair of DQ10's and sub that we enjoyed for years. Only retired them when my 2.3TL's arrived. I am trying to decide weather to rebuild them, or just let some new owner do it. Just don't want them to fade away in storage.
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    Thanks guys,, All I know was that he was hurt badly in an accident and then kinda' vanished.Looking for updates caused me to read alot,,did ya'll know that the DQ 20's were not "his" per se'? I did not until I got my read on,, thanks for posting your replies,,at least I learned how to spell his name.:wink:
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    I was an original Dahlquist dealer back in the 1970s. They were awesome speakers. I once phoned the Company to order a driver. It was after their normal business hours and I just took a chance someone might be there. The voice that answered the phone was that of an older gentleman so I said, "...Does this happen to be Mr. Marantz?" and he said "Yes, what can I do for you"? So I had the privilege of spending about 15 minutes chatting with that legend in the business. I had been a Marantz dealer before he sold out to Superscope.

    I was also a dealer for Klipsch and knew Paul personally. I used to drive to his factory in Hope, Arkansas and watch him work on speaker and crossover designs (in a little white wooden building about the size of a two-car garage). He was a gracious man, but a character, and fond of handing out (shirt) Buttons with the words "BS" (written out) on them - which he said were his thoughts about the "claims" of most other speaker manufacturers.

    I was also an original dealer for Advent and EPI, and later on an original dealer for Paradigm in the U.S., and still later on a dealer for B&W.

    The 1970s and 80s were a great time in the Audio Industry.
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    Is your name Frank?
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    > Is your name Frank? <


    I also failed to mention that I was a McIntosh dealer beginning in 1972, as well an original Yamaha Audio dealer when they first entered the United States.
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    Welcome to the forum, Bruce. Hope you stick around and share some stories.
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    pitdogg2 wrote: »
    Is your name Frank?

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    I currently have a pair of DQ-30i’s (floorstanders) with rebuilt woofers, new tweets as well as a pair of restored DQM-9C’s (monitors) with Clarity Cap CSA and ESA caps and Mills/Vishnay resistors. Both are superb speakers with imaging and sound stage that are unbelievable. They are among my favorites.