iphone alarm didn 't go off this morning.



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    Steve Tilson reported
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    people love to defend apple... it's amazing how loyal their customers are. I prefer to evaluate products on an individual basis.

    I believe both alarm issues only affected certain devices, and it had nothing to do with what you have your device synced to.

    Hopefully they figured it out 10 years ago when this was posted. I just listen for the roosters...
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    4 alarms for me
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    Since being retired I tend to use the bladder alarm / cooking bacon smell alarm / cat jumping off window shelf onto my bollocks alarm.
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    I use my iPhone 11 Pro Max as an alarm clock. It has never failed me not once. I have used an iPhone for many years now as a alarm clock and none of them ever failed.

    But I also get up the same time everyday. I just wake up and most of the time the Alarm clock isn't necessary .
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    I use my iPhone 17 super ultra mega pro maximum giga jiga
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    Android has a better clock