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  • Re: Very Nice Yamaha CX 800U preamp w phono/remote

    It's a Greenland area code. Probably a bot.
  • Re: Looking for suggestions on decent RCA interconnects.

    msg wrote: »
    Wow, lot of BJC users here. Interesting.

    Curious as to the accompanying speaker cables in use with BJC ICs.
    Same? BJC SCs made with Canare?

    Yes, BJC interconnects with BJC canare for speaker cables.
  • Re: polks terrible website

    I don't think our site is terrible either, it just needs some tweaking, like all websites.

    With all due respect, I think you just nailed what the problem with the web site is. The authors don't think it's as bad as its consumers do...the site should be simply embarrassing to Polk. In my professional opinion, of course.
  • Re: Not sure what to say but life can be cruel..

    Toolfan66 wrote: »
    I actually do have an update, she is finally on the donor list as of today, not sure why it had to take so long, test after test...

    She is in a very unique situation with her blood type, and size where she has a larger pool to get a heart than most, they told us to be ready, we will have a 4 hour window to get her to the hospital when they call, won't be a problem as it only takes about 40 minutes to get there in rush hour traffic..

    The surgery will last about 8-9 hours, so now the waiting game, and anxiety is high..

    I'm just going to stay busy, keep a bag at work with a change of clothes, and a pillow just in case...

    Praying for your family...

    My daughter happens to be a nurse in a cardiac surgery unit in the Houston med center. I hear of the miracles that they take part in every day.

    May God bless your family, your medical team, and your daughter.
  • Re: Vandersteen 2ci?

    I have both. If I had to choose one set, the vandys win hands down. Never fatiguing, very balanced, accurate speakers.

    I have sda CRS 4.1tl, 2btl, and 3.1s. The 3.1s are in my daily two channel and the vandys are in the ht commingled with Polk lsim center, surrounds, and heights. The crs's and 2b's get rotated into the two channel occasionally.

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