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  • Re: HD650/600 cable build. The Halo Silver Edition.

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    Yes, I've noticed this as well with those barrels' inserts with the predrilled holes. Depending on the size of the insert, could you widen the holes with Dremel so that heatshrink or sheathing could fit through?

    I get what you're saying though about not having much termination space inside the barrel; typically small and short. Thinking maybe you could skip the insert, possibly, or open it up to match whatever you have coming out? Maybe use heatshrink over the whole barrel, closing around the y-wires as much as possible?

    I did this with adhesive heatshrink on speaker cables before. In this example, I think I shrunk it too much, but you can see where I used a pair of needle-nose pliers to pinch down between the wires to seal them and bond the Techflex inside.

    Do you think you could maybe try something like this with adhesive backed heatshrink for inside the barrel to secure everything? Then maybe another piece of heatshrink to cover the barrel and close in around the ends? Or maybe fill the end of the barrel with something?

    The holes are so close that if you attempt to wide two holes I think you'll end up with one hole - now, that's not a bad thing, just something to watch for.

    Cuteness is a major factor with this particular Y thing - covering it with heatshrink....heck, leave it out and just use heat shrink.

    They do recommend filling the gap with some cotton and then finishing with hot glue but to do so you have to get into it - that's not easy with the main wire almost filling the big hole.

    Adhesive heat shrink - that looks nice!
  • Re: HD650/600 cable build. The Halo Silver Edition.

    Yep - about 1/2 inch at a time... slow but sure.

    If you could find much smaller stuff it'll work. This stuff doesn't pull down to anything small like plastic techflex does (or my linguine). The adapter at the Y will determine what you can do. The one used here lets the wires through but there really isn't room to pass anything else through (even heat shrink) as I would like to do. My dream would be to use that cotton wrap (it pulls down tight to just one wire, two would work well also) and somehow secure it inside the Y thingy but there is no room to do that. my universe. I've made speaker wire out of it, interconnects and use it liberally in building Bottlehead kits where shielded wire is needed. Used as speaker wire you have limits - I used the shield as one conductor and combined all four wires to get 18g total at the other conductor. It works well but don't push your 8000 watt amp through it.

    Getting the Y wires straight with Mogami is fairly easy, I think that issue would be based on what wire you're using. I just rough cut insulation and shield and then just before striping the ends make sure they are all the same.
  • Re: infinity RS5b - And so it Begins - a Little Spit & Polish

    Nice job!

    That little cigar shaped thing is an inductor also (says mh on it). If you decide to reorient it be careful as the iron core could break if that glue is strong and you have to force removal
  • Re: Massdrop edition Sennheiser HD650's drop in six days for $249.99.

    I take a bit of shield, whatever you can use - a couple of strands works - and solder it down to the sleeve with the other two sleeves at the 1/4" end. Usually about 1/4 of what is there or less.

    It's not necessary to do so to get this to work either and adds a bit to the difficulty level.
  • Re: Massdrop edition Sennheiser HD650's drop in six days for $249.99.

    "tip" is left and "ring" is right. I believe the very center pin will be tip and the outer sleeve is ring.

    Here's a horrible pic from the web


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