I lose 90% of my volume when my Adcom is cranked all the way up?

Long time Polk fan first time here on the form. I am the new owner of Polks SDA SRS 1.2 powered by Adcom GFA 555 and GFP 555 with IC cable. I am losing a ton of volume 20-30 seconds after turning my amp all the way up. I turn it down for 20 or 30 seconds and it cranks back up. It’s almost like it resets its self? I want these bad boys to SING! Do i need another amp? or answers? Any help out there?
Looking forward to hearing from you guys!


  • motorstereomotorstereo Posts: 770
    Now you've also weakened the tweeter protection circuit by repeatedly tripping it. You won't have to "turn the amp all the way up" now for it to trip. And yes send the Adcom off to a new home; those Polks deserve something much better once you get a grasp of what not to do.
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    I hope you don't start up your SS with the pedal pressed to the floor! I'm assuming you own a SS by your handle.
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    Run my 3.1TL with same amp to extreme levels but never past the point of clipping. Amp indicator lights stay off. It's really loud. Don't push the amp into clipping. Geez you'll fry them speakers.
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    Try another amp and pre-amp.

    My Adcom 555II amp and Adcom 450 preamp seems to limit the volume somewhat.

    I could turn it to the 12:00 position on the Adcom set.
    I then switched to a NAD system, and 10:00 is fine on their preamp.
    I'm comparing 2 different designs and the power output might be the same for each system in their positions, but the volume is the same and I dare not go past 12:00 with the NAD set. I'd be asking for damage to the speakers if I did. They are both loud enough.

    Dial positions are meaningless after 12:00. If you need to push it past 12:00 position, re-evaluate how loud you want your sound to be. Or, your power amp is mismatched to the sesitivity of your speakers. READ up on sensitivity of speakers. 10 watts is usually good enough until we crank it up. Lower sensitivity speakers require MORE power. I say get yourself some Cerwin Vega D9's and blow your eardrums out. ;)

    You can't be serious that that you're trying to max out a 555 amp? And your amp lights aren't lighting up with distortion indications. Maybe you turn the dial to max and trigger the DANGER relay BEFORE the warning lights even have a chance to light up.

    Not too many people do what you're doing. Not many at all! It seems you have zero knowledge of stereo gear. Get some knowledge asap.

    But like others say, you might be pushing the limits of everything, especialy your speakers. Maybe you need some Cerwin Vega's, DCM 212's or JBL or Mackie "Pro" speakers. ;)
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    I'm also an Adcom GFA-555 owner and never had a problem w/ pushing my SDA 2Bs or any other speaker I have ever owned or now have . True my Advent Maestros need gobs of power and my pre is usually @ about 11:00 w/ it being lower for the Polks. My amp has never even gotten warm on the heat sinks running a test w/ multiple speakers. I can't believe like others have said those yellow distortion warning lights should have come on or there is a problem w/ the preamp and try another brand. My model just for full disclosure is a rack face model bought from Audio Classics for $300 and until I hear something else it's staying in my rack.
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