What do you think of Mirage?

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I heard some of their big towers with built in subs, and a center on a Denon 4803. For some reason, the 2 subs were on, but ALL the music was coming out of the center and rear surrounds. What do you think of these speakers?
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  • AaronAaron Posts: 1,853
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    Never heard or read anything good about them so I never bothered to demo them.

  • NDTANDTA Posts: 83
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    they're suck
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    And another great one-liner for the books.....

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    listened to them breifly, didn't really care for them (they seemed to lack in all respects), so i never went back for a serious listen...
    ...the fOrce is strong with this one.
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    I think Mirage dropped the ball on the OM-5's, they are powered towers and can't be controled well, the bass is just out of control.You have to set the level at -6db in order to get some kind of clean response,I do not favor them.
    The OM-7's are a totally different story, they are a passive tower with clean and clear all the way down, very good speaker.The OM-9's are slightly boomy,with a bass over tone around 120 hz and down.Not a good speaker.
    Mirage has made some fantastic lines in the past, but the new ones except the OM-7's are terrible.
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  • matthew_2matthew_2 Posts: 52
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    Thats what I thaught. Thanks.
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