PSW125 Problems: Heartbeat Noise, even with all cables out (except power).


I'm a UK customer with a sub woofer problem.

My PSW125 has started to make a regular heart beat noise again. This happened a couple of years ago, and I was sent a new amp for it. The new amp did exactly the same right out of the box, so I was sent a second one. This one has worked fine since then, but has started to pulse like the old one in the last week (it's just over 2 beats a second)

Any ideas what could be causing it? It can't be damage caused by a power surge, because my entire system runs through a UPS which regulates the output to a steady 230v pure sine wave, with full protection. I've unplugged everything from it (except for it's power lead), moved all other electronics away from it, even taken it to my friends (4 miles away) and plugged it in there, and altered all setting on the back in various configurations, and it still does it.
A colleague of mine (who's studied electronics), said he thinks it sounds like a cap charging/discharging incorrectly.

Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the company I bought it from, or the date. But if you keep records, I have the paperwork that came with the warranty replacements (see attachment). Hopefully this will show up in your records.

This appears to be a common issue, as I've seen many forums discussing it, but no one has yet found the cause (not that I've found anyway). If any of your techs or engineers know of the cause, and any fixes (i.e. repairing dry joints or replacing caps etc.), could you pass the information on to me? If not, how do I go about getting a new amp for my sub, and what can I do to prevent this happening again in another year or 2? I don't want to have to buy another sub every 2-3 years, or a different manufacturers, as all my speakers are Polk. I've been very pleased with the performance of the system, but this issue with the sub amp lets it down when it occurs.

I look forward to your reply.


  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 6,130
    I'm sorry you're having a problem. Send an email to: he will direct you to the proper person.
    Regards, Ken
    "Passion is inversely proportional to the amount of real information available", G. Benfield
  • Hello,
    I'm sorry you're having a problem. Send an email to: he will direct you to the proper person.
    Regards, Ken

    Thanks. Email sent.
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