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  • 23jnobl
    dear Ken, hi my name is jayce. i have polk soundbar and it will not turn on. i have it pluged into the wall. the red light on top will come on when pluged in but will not come on when i hit the botton on the top of the soundbar.
    February 20
    • KennethSwauger
      Hi Jayce,
      I would recommend contacting Polk's customer support at: 1-800-377-7655 extension 5208 and speak with my friend Kim Jasper. He'll help sort out the problem.
      Let me know if I can help with anything.
      Cheers, Ken
  • arinia
    Hi Ken; most likely you're done with the retro build by now, but just o let you know. I have a complete frame and motors, the whole machine for an ampex 360 . It's been sitting around my studio back room for years. Had it running about 8 years ago. Not sure I'd sell the pre amp section ( still using it as a mic pre) but the rest I'd let go. Manuals, parts list and all. This machine is mono! If you know anyone interested hit me back Henri.nigro@ Cheers it looks great!
    February 7
    • KennethSwauger
      Thank you for the kind offer, but I'm trying to get caught up on all the projects sitting on my "to do" shelf.
      Cheers, Ken
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    January 23
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    January 12
  • Spatialist
    Kenneth, I tried the service number but they must close early on Friday.
    I have noticed the same behavior of my base subwoofer right out of the box on my Polk Audio Signa S1 Soundbar with the Subwoofer producing only a very low audio. No control from the remote control. Is there an easy fix?
    December 2017
    • KennethSwauger
      Have you done this:
      "NOTE: The Signa S1 sound bar and wireless subwoofer are
      preset at the factory to work together.
      Should your wireless
      subwoofer stop receiving an audio signal, follow these
      instructions to re-establish the connection:
      1. Turn on your sound bar.
      2. Press and hold the LINK button on the back of the
      subwoofer for 3 seconds.
      3. Simultaneously press and hold
      and VOL +
      buttons on the sound bar for 5 seconds.
      The sound bar will search for a connection while the first and
      second LEDs on the sound bar will flash intermittently. The
      lights will stop flashing when the sound bar and subwoofer
      connect. If the sound bar and subwoofer fail to connect, the
      first and second LEDs will flash together 5 times. Repeat steps
      above to establish a connection."
      I hope this helps
  • kmclen1565
    Ken I have an older RMDS-1 and after moving the unit to my new home, when I turn it on it says "ERROR No.2" is that something I can fix myself? Is the cable that runs from the pre-amp directional?
    December 2017
    • KennethSwauger
      The cable is not directional, in fact a good thing to try is to reverse it and see if that helps. Make sure the connector plugs are seating correctly as you tighten them, I use to wiggle them slightly as I was tightening the threaded pins. I hope this helps.
      Regards, Ken

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