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  • bergander
    Hi Kenneth. I wonder if you any more information regarding the crackling noice from the subwoofer in the Max soundbar system? I'm on version 91 and I still hear the crackling from the subwoofer. Are there any more fixes planned to be released anytime soon?
    June 26
    • KennethSwauger
      Polk believes they have developed a firmware update that makes for significant improvements. It's being thoroughly tested now with hope for a general release soon.
  • john247
    Hi sir kenneth. I saw that you have a friend that is working at polk audio.
    Wondering if you can help.
    We have a polk audio psw108,
    Its been months that we didnt use the system .
    And we tried to check the panel , and we see that the fuse is broken so we tried to change that one.

    The next thing. It made a buzing sound. Then not recieving any audio signals. Thanks
    June 21
    • KennethSwauger
      In all likelihood the bass amplifier is defective and needs to be either repaired or replaced. I'll ask my friend to contact you via email.
      Best regards, Ken
  • Rocknme
    Hi Ken, wondering if you can help. Been a member of the forum for years and tried to sign in today. Got a red box that said Access Denied. What happened? Can it be corrected? Please help. My original user name was Gunther53. I even tried to change PW, that did not work. Had to create new account with new email address.
    June 12
    • KennethSwauger
      I'm sorry there's no username "Gunther53" listed in the system. Were there any spaces between numbers/letters?
  • manifestorion
    I have been having popping issues with my Polk SR Max rear speakers since I bought it. I saw a while back there was a planned firmware update for it but I'm still sitting on ver 79. Has there been update on the firmware or a fix for the popping issues. The speakers sound great but that pop will scare this s**t out of you if you're listening at a loud volume. It's at the point where I have just disconnected the rear speakers.
    June 2
    • KennethSwauger
      Polk is working on a solution and will release it as a firmware update as soon as possible. In the meantime make sure you are connected to the Internet and unplug the surround speakers if the noise is too disturbing.
  • rpeatt
    I still have the popping sound and I can’t even tell what firmware I’m on because of the iOS issue. Any update??
    May 28
    • KennethSwauger
      Can you point me to your post that describes what you're experiencing? Thanks.
    • rpeatt
      In the
      MagniFi Max SR - Surrounds Popping (despite software updates) thread
  • henninge
    Well, pass along that I think it's time for refunds for those that want it. Fill recall I think I'd in order
    May 16

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