2.3TL Rebuild Starts Now



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    I labeled the drivers and driver harnesses and finished the remaining tweeter harness. I did not label the tweeter harnesses because the tweeters have two different size fastons so they cannot be connected out of phase.

    Next I reassembled everything and ran a quick battery check to ensure that everything was in phase.




    How does it sound?

    Unless I am tripping or having some kind of ultra-mega-placebo affect I would say beyond my expectations. The improved separation of instruments and vocals creates more depth, clarity and realism. Also there is more tactile feel if I am explaining this correctly? Lastly they are silky smooth. Lots of goosebumps!

    I am very happy with the results!

    Someone with more experience than me needs to do this upgrade and give their opinion to verify my findings. The dollar cost is not much but it did take me 16 hours to disassemble, build the harnesses and reassemble. It is a big job but IMHO worth every penny and minute.

    I will post a bill of materials for anybody that may be interested.


    I'd be interested in a bill of materials for the wiring and connectors if you have it by chance.

    I'm going to be starting my 2.3TL build shortly.

    Out of curiosity did you hook the tweeters up out of phase like the wiring diagram shows them? I've always wondered why Polk shows the tweeter should be wired out of phase.
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  • machonemachone Posts: 1,009
    I don't know about the phase on the diagram.
    I hooked the tweeters back the way they were wired from the factory.
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    Well in the RTA12 it gets reversed in the XO i believe so you hook them up out of phase to correct that and bring them in phase.
    I do not believe that is the case on the 2.3TL
  • There's an old theory a lot of audio engineers still practice. In a two design the low pass drivers are in phase and high pass out of phase. In a three way design, woofer in phase, mids out of phase, tweeters back in phase.
  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 2,786
    ^ is there a particular reason for this?
  • Yes but I don't remember what it was. Sounded logical so I stuck to it in the custom speakers I built.
  • I think it might have to do with sound cancellation of the frequencies that overlap between the different drivers.

    At least that's my best uneducated guess...
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  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 2,786
    I think I see what you're putting down, but that would also indicate that the XO points of each driver are the same, causing a theoretical 3dB bump at that frequency, where if you were to spread the XO points apart say a 1/4 octave on a 12dB/oct slope, the intersection would happen at 3dB down for each speaker thus keeping the response flat between the 2 without having to reverse polarity and potentially causing dips within the harmonics for each speaker.

    At least that's what I recall of the XO theory I once knew.
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