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  • Re: What did you do to your Pool rig today?

    Pulled the Solar cover over the pool an hour ago. The solar panels on the roof of the pool house for heating the water and the solar cover should have the temp to about 80 which is a lot warmer th… (View Post)
  • Re: John Wick 2

    Today when I came home from work the wife asked me if they are going to make a third one and later tonight we are going to watch it again. Reference Material for showing off what a good HT rig is cap… (View Post)
  • John Wick 2

    Wow, anyone see this yet? It's just as good as the first one with a higher body count. A work out for your HT rig the wife even enjoyed it. If you liked the first one get this, from the way it ended … (View Post)
  • Re: What Are You Listening To?

    Tom Petty - The Best Of Everything 1976-2016 I Thought my physical media buying days were over since we got Qoubuz and Spotify, not sure what happened here had to run to Target for a few things se… (View Post)
  • Re: I lost a wonderful friend today

    Sorry to hear about the passing of Gordie, it has been said they wait for you once you pass the Pearly Gates. I hope that you reunite with him, but until then you got memories of Gordie. Chico my wif… (View Post)

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