Well just joined the Polk forum. However I am not new to looking up info on the forum. You guys are very informative and I thank you.... I wanted to share a couple of things about myself. First I hope I don't make anyone mad but I was aways a JBL person ever since high school (and I am in my mid 40's now). I always loved stereos and in high school I had a copy of the 1986 Audio Annual Equipment Directory that was like my bible. I always wanted a pair of 250ti's but I was always intrigued by the Polks and I still remember the something like 12 page advertisement spread Polk had in that publication volume and that picture of Matthew Polk in his lab coat standing between the SRS and the SRS 2's. Well skip ahead to about a year ago. Up to that point I had never owned a Polk product. Well that all changed when I picked up a pristine pair of SRS 2's and more recent (as of two days ago) a pair of original un-moded SRS 2.3's. So I hope this is the right place for the Polk 12 step program? LOL


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