Hi all. I’m deep into building a dedicated home theater in my attic around one of my favorite things...vintage SDA Polk speakers. The space is 25’ by 34’ with a 14’ heigh ceiling flanked by sloping ceiling sides down to 6’ high side walls. I’ve encountered lots of issues, one was the center speaker choice, solved, mostly by the great guys on a different thread. My system is an 11.4.8 speaker configuration. I was ok at the .6 Dolby Atmos speakers then changed it to .8 because one can’t have to many Polk Speakers and I’m crazy. Every channel in the front high and low arrays are sda speakers. All the side and rear surround effect channels are newer Polks since I could not score new AB in wall series speakers. Since I have a 14’ ceiling with sloping sides building in-ceiling atmos channels was a challenge. If there is interest I will illustrate how to build Polk’s 80f/x-RT in-ceiling speakers into the perfect overhead atmos speaker not requiring in-ceiling or flat ceiling mounting.


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